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1970 Formation by Heinz Kern in Germersheim as a transport company
1985 Business scope widened to include services as forwarding agent and warehousing
1988 Introduction of additional activities such as commissioning and packing for manufacturers of branded goods
1994 Construction of the central warehouse in Lingenfeld
1995 Commencement of the world-wide logistics activities and central warehousing for Pino, a pharmaceutical company based in Hamburg
1997 Extension to the central warehouse in Lingenfeld; installation of a "pick-to-light"-commissioning facility
1990-1997 Multiple awards for transportation and other services
1998 Award for the product launch of Nivea-Beauté;
Restructing of the company: merger of  Kern Brothers Logistics in Germersheim and Kern Warehousing and Commissioning in Lingenfeld into 

KERN Logistics GmbH with its headquarters in Lingenfeld

2003 2nd extension to the central warehouse
2008 3rd extension to the central warehouse


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